11 April 2010

Following the tragic news from Poland

While U.S. media has covered the tragic plane crash near Smolensk, Russia, that wiped out many top Polish leaders, the Internet offers us many other sources of of more detailed news from the region.

A good place to start is Polish Radio, with regular English reports. Here's where to listen to the Sunday evening recap of events, including the sad return of the body of the late president, Lech Kaczyński,  to Warsaw.

Polish journalist and blogger Raf Uzar offers this interesting look at both the impact of the crash -- and it's connection to the World War II tragedy at Katyń.

The English-language Krakow Post offers detailed coverage of the unfolding story.

You can also watch coverage from the Russian side from the English-language TV outlet, Russia Today.

Here's the latest video from Russia Today:


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