08 May 2010

Listening to our culture: Rusyn liturgical chant.

Prostopinije, Rusyn "simple chant" continues to be practiced in Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic churches  both in the North American diaspora and in the Rusyn homeland in Central Europe.

Thanks to the Internet, we have an opportunity to listen to Divine Liturgies in Church Slavonic from Rusyn villages of modern-day Slovakia through Radio Patria, which broadcasts in the various languages of the country's ethnic minorities. 

Here's the page that lists recorded liturgies by date. The most recent was recorded May 2 in the Orthodox church in Sobrance, Slovakia.

If you don't understand the Slovak, Pravoslávna or PC means Orthodox liturgy, while Grécko-katolícka or GKC signifies Greek Catholic/Byzantine Catholic. In some cases, the individual villages are labeled, such as Jarabina, Osadné, and Ruský Hrabovec.

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