01 February 2011

A record month for Lake Michigan Rusyns

January 2011 proved to be the biggest month for the Lake Michigan Rusyns, with 901 unique visitors clicking in.

That easily  beat the previous high: December's 578 unique visitors. In January, we had 1,463 page views. The previous high was last June's 876.

Today, alone, with had visitors from Slovakia, Poland and, believe it or not, Thailand.

Overall, more than 80% of our visitor come from the U.S. The current stats show that 3.4% come from Hungary, 2.8% from Canada, 2.2% from Poland, 1.4% from the Czech Republic, 1.2% from Germany, 1.0% from Slovakia and 1.0% from, inexplicably, Malaysia.

One in five of our readers come from Illinois, as you'd expect, 5.6% from Indiana, 3.4% from Wisconsin and 3.0% from Michigan.

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