09 September 2011

The northernmost Carpatho-Rusyn settlement in our region

I recently had a chance to pass through Cornucopia, Wis., the home of St. Mary's Orthodox Church, (OCA), which was formed in 1906 by Carpatho-Rusyns moving from Chicago to build a new life in Northern Wisconsin.

The church remains an active congregation, although it doesn't have a resident priest (during the warmer months, a priest visits from Minneapolis for monthly Sunday liturgies.)

You can find a little bit more about Cornucopia from Wikipedia, and from the Orthodox Church in America site's report on the parish's 100th anniversary.

The Wikipedia articles lists some of the Rusyn family names from Cornucopia: Kaseno, Celinsky, Sveda, Roman, and Pristash

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  1. Does anyone know if a centennial history was published. I am not aware of a previous history of this historic community.