24 December 2012



T’was the night before Roždestvo
And all through the house
The Rusnaks all gathered
To eat sauerkraut.
The kolach was nestled
All snug in its dish
While babalky were cooking
And so was some fish.
Women in their babushkas
And men in their caps
Had all settled down
With food in their laps.
When out on the lawn
There arose such a clatter
We all left our meal
To see what was the matter.
Away to the window
Cetka flew like a flash
Screaming "Lock all the doors
And hide all the cash."
And what to our wondering eyes
Should appear
But a pagač-shaped sleigh
And reindeer.
With a little old Rusnak
So lively and quick
We knew in a moment
It was Big Južik.
More rapid than ružanci
His reindeer all came
As he shouted, "On Stefan,"
And each reindeer's name.
"On Stefan, on Petro
On Janko and Georgij
On Vasil, on Andrej
On Pavel and Dimitrij."
Then out to the smokehouse
The reindeer all flew
With a sleigh full of kolbas  
And Big Južik, too. 
Down the smoke vent he came
 With a leap and a bound 
Dancing a csardas

And twirling around.
He did a short polka
Then went to his work
And gave us pirohi
Then turned with a jerk.
We gave him kapusta
And Zedo's old clothes
Then we sang D’ivnaja Novina
And up the smoke vent he rose.
But we heard him exclaim
As we took off our coats.
"Veselyj Svjat to all
And to all dobru noc!"

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