18 April 2013

Ecclesia Choir Concert Set for May 5


On Sunday, May 5, Ecclesia Choir will offer a concert with a fascinating array of different styles and moods of sacred music from both Eastern and Western Christian Traditions.  The 3 p.m. performance will feature Gregorian, Greek and Ruthenian Chants as well as Western Polyphony, Russian Choral music, resident composers and American Folk music (just for a change of pace!).   Also featured will be the Woods Family Singers.
The concert will be at Divine Infant Parish at 1601 Newcastle Avenue in Westchester, Illinois.  A free-will donation would be appreciated.

According to Director Timothy Woods, the mission of the Choir is to let people know that the Tradition which feeds us spiritually is also wonderfully beautiful and is still available even if a particular parish does not practice the Tradition.

Director Woods also notes that the group is now auditioning new members for its volunteer and paid choirs.  Auditions usually consist of scales (to determine voice range), a piece of one’s own choosing and sight-reading.  Further information is available at jtcatholic@earthlink.net or 815-806-0066.

To arrange bookings for concerts, Divine Liturgies, Masses or Vespers, please use the above contact information.  

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