23 August 2014

Come and experience Rusyn and Lemko folk traditions of Jakubany, Slovakia

Kečera Folk Ensemble

First American Tour -- September 19 - 28, 2014

Come and experience the folk traditions of Jakubany, Slovakia for yourself!

The folk group Kecera from the Rusyn village of Jakubany in Northeastern Slovakia will be performing for the first time in the United States.  Jakubany has a rich cultural heritage, including distinctive folklore, music, dance and costume. The villagers of Jakubany developed these traditions based on their relationships with the forests, pastures and mountains that surround them. In fact, "Kecera" is named after a small mountain on the outskirts of their village. The performances by Kecera are not only artistic and educational, but they help to keep alive the traditions and values of the people. Kecera depicts traditional life in Jakubany through song, dance and costume. People from around the world have enjoyed viewing scenes from weddings, christenings, holidays, celebrations and also everyday life. Kecera's beautiful and original songs have been recorded and sold throughout the world. We are lucky to have Kecera perform in the U.S.A.

Performance Schedule

Come and experience Rusyn and Lemko folk traditions of Jakubany, Slovakia.
The program will highlight the village’s customs, traditions, songs and festivals.
Friday, September 19—Johnstown, PA                                                           
Hiram G. Andrews Center                                             Time: 6:30 pm
727 Goucher Street                                                       Tickets: $10 in advance; $12 at the door
Contact:  Ann Yurcisin    Email: ayurcisin@atlanticbb.net; phone: 814/254-4236
Saturday, September 20—Cleveland, OH
St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cathedral   Time:  2:00 pm; 4:00 pm; 7:30 pm
Carpathian Hall                                                            Tickets: $5
1900 Carlton Rd. 
Contact: Bonnie Burke   Email: bb@c-rs.org; phone: 440/729-2045
Sunday, September 21—Munhall, PA
Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural Center                                   Time: 5:00 pm
   (Former St. John’s Byzantine Catholic Cathedral)    Tickets: $12
915 Dickson St.
Contact: Maryann Sivak   Email: cfa@c-rs.org; phone: 412/251-3083
Tuesday, September 23—Minersville, PA
SS Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church              Time: 6:30 pm
Hillcrest Catering Hall                                                      Tickets: $10 adults; students free
631 Minersville-Llewellyn Highway
Contact: Rich Laychock    Email: rlaychock @c-rs.org or evenings by phone 717/583-4884
Wednesday, September 24—Harrisburg, PA                
St. Ann’s Byzantine Catholic Church                        Time: 7:00 pm
5408 Locust Lane                                                         Tickets: $12 adults, $6 students; under 8 free
Contact: Rich Laychock   Email: rlaychock @c-rs.org or evenings by phone 717/583-4884
Thursday, September 25, 2014—Fairfax, VA
Luther Jackson Middle School                                     Time: 7:00 pm
Hosted by the National Capital Chapter                   Tickets: Thru 9/10—ages 5-12/$12; ages 13 & up/$17
of C-RS  & Slovak American Society of Washington           After 9/10—ages 5-12/$15; ages 13 & up/$20
For tickets, please visit: http://www.showclix.com/event/3867112/tag/cpc.  Use the code “C-RS” to receive a discount.   
Contact: Christy Slifkey   Email:  dcpresident@c-rs.com
Friday, September 26—Linden, NJ
Msgr. Komar Hall                                                            Time: 6:30 pm
2806 Parkway Avenue                                                   Tickets: $40 (advance); $45 (at the door)
(dinner and coffee included)
Contact: Anna Dzadikova-Sherry   Email: hanka2820@gmail.com; phone: 908/304-3006
Saturday, September 27—Highstown, NJ
Slovak and Czech American Farm Club                       Time: 630 pm
23 Hankins Road                                                          Tickets: $35 (advance); $40 (at the door)
                                                                                        (gulas and coffee included)
Contact: Anna Dzadikova-Sherry   Email: hanka2820@gmail.com ; phone: 908/304-3006


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