05 March 2011

NW Indiana's Dual Centennial: Carpatho-Rusyn advertising

To mark this year's centennial celebrations of two Northwest Indiana parishes, Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic, founded in Gary by Carpatho-Rusyns in 2011, Lake Michigan Rusyns will be shining a light on the settlement that has since moved from the city to the suburbs of Merrillville and Hobart.

Today's offering is a look at some advertising target the thriving Rusyn community that was originally centered in Gary. These examples come from the Greek Catholic Union's 1930 Kalendar, an annual put out by the fraternal group. That came before the creation of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, in 1935.

While the area's Rusyn community was made up of Orthodox and Greek Catholics, it's a safe bet that these businesses didn't draw any distinctions between their target audience.

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