28 August 2013

Slovakia to issue SS. Cyril and Methodius stamp

In commemoration of the mission of Cyril and Methodius to bring Christianity to Greater Moravia in 863, the Slovak Bishops Council has declared 2013 as the Year of Saints Cyril and Methodius.  This year also marks the 1150th anniversary of the creation of the Cyrillic Alphabet by the two saints and their disciples.  
The alphabet led to an independent Slavic literature needed to codify the Old Church Slavonic Liturgy.  It is used by contemporary Rusyns, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Russians, Serbs, Bulgarians and Macedonians.  The two missionaries also succeeded in Rome’s permitting them to establish an independent Moravia-Pannonia ecclesiastical province.  
Slovakia will begin issuing the stamp featuring the two saints above on December 6th of this year. The Vatican, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria are also planning to issue stamps with the two missionary brothers. 
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